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Case Study: A Journey through the
3D Visualization Process

In the realm of architectural design, 3D visualization has revolutionized the way projects are brought to life. It enables architects and clients to visualize spaces before they are constructed, allowing for better decision-making and a deeper understanding of the final outcome. In collaboration with architect Rotem Horesh-Levi, our team POLOTNO embarked on a journey to create a photorealistic 3D visualization of a wonderful private house in Caesarea, Israel. This article delves into the step-by-step process we followed, from the initial scope of work to the breathtaking final renders.
Starting Work:
With the raw data in hand, our team began the process by thoroughly studying the location and seeking analogs for inspiration. We then proceeded to create the basic landscape and model the necessary architectural elements. A significant amount of time was dedicated to finding the appropriate 3D landscaping models to ensure a realistic representation of the envisioned tropical garden.
The Scope of Work:
At the outset, our team received a comprehensive scope of work from Architect Rotem Horesh-Levi. The objective was to create four exterior renders showcasing the facade of the building, the inner courtyard with a fireplace, and the surrounding territory. To ensure accuracy and alignment with the architect's vision, we were provided with a Revit 3D model of the house, a location reference, and a moodboard featuring texture references for the landscape. These references became the guiding light for our 3D artists as they embarked on recreating the future home with meticulous precision.
Choice of Camera Angles:
To give the client an overview of the project's progress, we initially provided grayscale renders. These renders showcased the 3D objects without any textures or materials applied. By sharing grayscale images, we coordinated the direction of the project and offered the client a choice of camera angles. This allowed for valuable feedback and ensured that the composition and perspective aligned with the client's expectations.
Revisions Round:
Following the selection of camera angles, we entered the revision phase. Each rendering went through three rounds of edits to refine and enhance the final result. In this stage, the 3D rendering project team produced fully colored and textured CG images in 2K quality. The client provided valuable feedback, requesting adjustments such as toning down the brightness of the grass, darkening the wood texture, and refining the tone of the concrete. Additional requests included adding ceiling fans in the entrance hall, making the stairs appear floating, and modifying the fence. Our CGI specialists diligently implemented these revisions to ensure the client's vision was accurately captured.
With the revisions completed, it was time for the final touches. Post-production played a crucial role in adding the finishing touches to the CG imagery. Using Photoshop, our 3D artists adjusted lighting, contrast, and color balance to achieve hyperrealistic results. This step elevated the visual impact and created a sense of awe for viewers, immersing them in the beauty of the rendered spaces.
Final Renders:
After meticulous attention to detail throughout the workflow process, the final renders were complete. Each image showcased the inner courtyard with a fire zone, conveying a sense of comfort and tranquility that awaits in the future garden. The interactive nature of the 3D visualization brought the project to life, allowing the architectural designer and client to experience the space before it was built.
The journey of 3D visualization for Architect Rotem Horesh-Levi's private house was a testament to the power of collaboration and meticulous attention to detail. By leveraging the capabilities of the POLOTNO team, we transformed architectural concepts into hyperrealistic visual representations. If you are seeking top-notch imagery for your presentation and marketing needs, we invite you to contact Polotno at Our professional 3D visualization services will deliver high-impact visuals that showcase your project with unparalleled accuracy and style.
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