POLOTNO workflow
How we work ?
We want you to have maximum pleasure from the working process and confidence of the final result. It is very important for us to have a long relationship with our business partners.
To do this, each process must be clear and understandable.

Over the years of work in this area, we have developed a simple work process.
Analysis of material, briefing and schedule
We set a schedule
We specify a start date, a date for previews and a date for final delivery.
Camera position approval
Camera positions are fixed using gray material renders
Adjustment sessions
Adjustment images with
materials, objects,
and light direction.
1500 pixels on the large side.
Details approving
Approval of filling details,
people, small material
Final visualization
The final. Rendering in the final
high-res and quality. You can
make adjustments to the color
gamut of the picture.
Get a free quote and camera angles without prepayment
We offer to carry out part of the work free of charge, so that you can get to know POLOTNO better
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